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Halogen & Fan Heater

Mega Home Appliances has emerged as a prominent Halogens & Fan Heaters Manufacturer and Supplier that are affordable, small, and portable and heat up quickly. Using cutting-edge technology, and high-grade raw materials, our products come designed with highly sophisticated technologies and features that best suit your needs of hours. They are clean, compared with forms of heating which involves combustion. Besides all these, the halogen heaters and fan heaters are fairly compact and consumethe electric power for the heating element inside.

They are an excellent option for top-up heating and can also be used seamlessly in the summer, as fans only. The superiority of the productsis based on the firm commitment to fine technology through constant research and development. Some of the key technical specifications include healthier heating with humidifier and temperature control, heating element for extra safety, power saving feature, easy temperature reading and setting, oscillating function to warm up your room uniformly.

Besides these, the specifications also include silent swing power, option to set temperature as per requirement, overheating protection & tip over switch for safety, long power cord, remote control for convenient operation and much more. Mega Home Appliances has established highly sophisticated manufacturing plant where manufacturing process includes testing, assembling, and painting. At Mega Home Appliances, we also understand that people look for any home appliances that add excellence to their interior décor. Therefore, we make the halogen and fan heaters in a variety of designs, colors and style, that not just performance well, but also suits your room décor.

Halogen Fan Heater Manufacturers

Fan Heater Supreme

Halogen Fan Heater Manufacturers

Sun Heater Super Dx.

Halogen Fan Heater Manufacturers

Sun Heater Deluxe

Halogen Fan Heater Manufacturers

Immersion Roads & Electric Heater - BT. & CT.


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